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Bring the Hachi spirit into your world through the practice of love, loyalty, and friendship - the values that Hachi and our beloved canine friends live every moment of every day.

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Be Hachi. Be Happy.

I’m Vicki, the creator-producer of Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. My mission is simple: Share Hachi’s tale with the world to help people transform their lives, heal the world around them, and increase compassion and respect for our animal friends.

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Hachi’s story is one of inspiration, one that teaches us all about the importance of loyalty, faith and undying love.

The legacy of Hachi is one that has transcended time and space - starting out in a small village in Japan and eventually making its way to movie screens around the world. The wide appeal of Hachi’s story is in the potent, radiant energy of a dog’s love, loyalty and faithfulness. These qualities that come so easily to dogs are not so easy to us humans, which is why they’re so transformative.

Deeply emotional animals, our dogs feel experiences. They love unconditionally. And the reward for doing so is that our furry friends make us better, kinder, and more emotionally in tune with the world around us.

Animals don't speak our language - they have no “voice". But they speak to us in a more profound way than humans do. When you listen, you will receive powerful lessons that could change your life.

Hachi's spirit lives on every time his story is told around the world.


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theHachi story

The Hachi Legacy

The True Story

The heartwarming true story of Hachikō, the Loyal Dog of Shibuya.

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The Hachi Film

The Film

Inspired by Hachikō's captivating story and Vicki's own dog, Hachi.

Learn about the movie and the dogs who played Hachi

The Hachi Community

The Community

Join our global community bonded by the central themes of Hachikō.

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the Hachi blog

Open Your Heart To Hachi’s Simple Yet Profound Lessons

Enjoy a healthy dose of Hachi Life posts - filled with fun, clarity, smiles and feel-it-in-your-bones wisdom. On top of this, you’ll learn:
  • What your “best friend” really thinks about you.
  • How to understand your pup’s “dog talk”.
  • How to live The Hachi Life – starting today!

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