Champion Racehorse Named After Hachiko Claims Another Race in India

Hachi’s Story Touches the Life of a Champion Race Horse.

One year ago, to the day, Hachiko the horse won the Poonawalla Breeders’ Multi-Million (PBMM). The coveted race is the most sought-after competition after the India Derby.

The newly crowned champion beat a good set of juveniles to claim the honor. Hachiko once again sped away by not only winning the Rusi Patel Trophy for top class horses on the PBMM day, but also etching out a new record previously held by Cabriolet, also owned by the Shirkes. Owner Vijay Shirke revealed the story behind how and why the horse was named Hachiko.

“Hachiko is a Japanese dog that was immortalised by the Japanese people by erecting his statue at a railway station where he would come daily to wait for his master. He was so devoted he kept up his routine even when the master was no more. I was touched by that story because I am a dog lover myself, and my dog also is extremely devoted to me,” said Shirke.

Thrilling Day for Childhood Friends Shirke and trainer Jadhav

They have won many races, a number of Classics and the Invitation Cup as well, yet never the Poonawalla Breeders’ Multi-Million. The Poonawalla Breeders Multi-Million is a supreme test for youngsters and winning a race such as this one is indeed another high altogether,” Shirke said. For trainer Jadhav, the win was long awaited and he was ecstatic. 

“I am happy for myself and even happier for Mr Vijay Shirke, as this was one race that had eluded him. Hachiko brought him this glorious triumph. I was particularly confident that Hachiko was in the condition to deliver, but I will also have to admit that I was tensed even though Hachiko was in the lead and going well. He is a special horse, and he has proved it. It was a close call in the end, although I was sure he would hold on once he shot into the lead,” said Mr Jadhav. 

For the cosmopolitan crowd, it was an enjoyable day at the races. From the colorful women’s wear, enthusiastic crowd and luxury cars — the swanky atmosphere was one of pure fun for the attendees.

After his decisive victory, Hachiko was led away to his air-conditioned stable. He certainly deserved a rest!

Though the loyal Akita is gone, Hachiko’s name continues to carry on his incredible legacy. Since Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, many pets have been named Hachiko. Have you heard of any?

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