Navigating your Life Journey: The Hachi Way

Hachi in snow by box car

When Hachi was born, he had no idea what was in store for him.

In fact, none of us ever do.

And while that can make you feel like everything’s out of control, that your entire life is one big guessing game, the exact opposite is actually true. Not only do you have complete control over where your life’s journey takes you, but you also have the freedom of choosing which train to take.

If the universe built the tracks, then you are the conductor of the train, each day determining your destination — and, of course, sometimes just sitting back and enjoying the view.

Hachi: A Lesson in Faith

For Hachi, he may not have known what his life would end up like. And he certainly wouldn’t have wanted his best friend, Professor Ueno, to have passed away so soon. But, each day, both before and after Ueno’s sudden death, Hachi made a decision to be loyal, to keep showing up and loving in the only ways he could. And, as he did, he created the story of a legend, through one small action built upon another, day after day.

Like Hachi, we can’t control what happens outside of our trains. We can’t stop the rain from pouring or the sun from beating down. We can’t choose whether it’s spring or fall, summer or winter. But, like Hachi, we can make decisions that lead us closer to our ideal destiny.

Girl with dog looking out window

Life is Full of Beauty in the Unknown

We can choose to love with loyalty and openness each and every day. And, as we do, we can be positive that, yes, we are in control, choosing the tracks as our train continues rambling along some country road.

To fully enjoy and appreciate all of life’s journeys, we have to remind ourselves over and over that the magic really does occur in the unknown. In fact, some of the most beautiful mysteries can be enough to put a smile on our faces, even in the midst of the most trying times.

Trying to explain life’s journey is like trying to describe watching a sunset with someone you love or the feeling you get when you hold someone’s hand for the last time — it’s impossible for words to do those moments justice.

Open your Heart to the Adventure called Life

Life’s journeys are meant to be experienced completely — with the heart as much as with all of your other senses. Allowing it to unfold while simultaneously playing an active role is the work we, like Hachi, get to joyously do day after day, year after year. It’s the process of holding on while not being afraid of letting go, of opening your heart to loss as much as you do to love.

No matter where you are right now in your life, remember that you can always choose to change directions.

Whichever way you go, the tracks will take you to your destination, patiently and lovingly. Just like Hachi waited for so many years to see his master just one last time —  stepping off his train and arriving at his final, and perfect, destination.

Professor and Hachi reunite in snow

Beyond the silver screen, the story of Hachi has served as a jumping off point for families looking to deepen their own connections and fearlessly embrace life’s challenges like never before. Now, thanks to the timeless insight that can only be found through the eyes of Hachi, rewriting the story of your life is as easy as making one small change, one day at a time. 


Hands Up if you can relate to:

~ Feeling stuck & frustrated with the daily “sameness” of your life.
~ Struggling to get clear on priorities and your authentic self.
~ Filled with regrets over “the road not taken”.

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