Hachi & Friends

A mysterious kidnapping sets Hachi and friends on a trail that twists and turns through the Tokyo of the 1920s, and Hachi comes face to face with his worst fear. Will he overcome it to win the day?

This illustrated story for ages 9 and up is dedicated to the loyal Akita Hachiko, on his eighty-fourth Memorial Anniversary.

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There’s a fabulous new book out called “Hachi & Friends” by Hachiko friend, Anastasia Omeron.

If you happen to be passing through Shibuya Railway Station, in the chaotic heart of Tokyo, you are certain to come across a small bronze statue of a dog.

This is Hachi-kò, the ‘Loyal Akita Inu of Japan’, who waited faithfully at that exact spot for almost ten years in the hope of his master’s return.

Shibuya Station is a focal point in this delightful tale combining fact and fiction, and every afternoon our hero unfailingly meets the incoming three o’clock train, seeking the one familiar face which means so much to him—that of Master Ueno.

You’ll meet some of Hachi’s many human and animal friends, including Maro, the vagabond mixed breed who is proud to live as a street dog, Goro, who was abandoned as a puppy outside the police station and now acts as police dog, and Debbie, Hachi’s special fox terrier friend who lives next door.

This illustrated story for ages 9 and up is dedicated to Hachi, on his eighty-fourth Memorial Anniversary.

Anastasia reached out right after the film was released, and has been a huge Hachiko supporter from the start.

A portion of the book proceeds goes to: http://www.friendsofakitas.co.uk.

Hachi & Friend’s is lots of good Hachi fun…and it helps support the pups!