Hachiko: Solving Twenty Mysteries About The Most Famous Dog In Japan


This book addresses the major questions, rumors, and speculations about Hachiko that have been raised.

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This book addresses all of the major questions about Hachi that have been raised, including the rumors and speculations, and answers them. After all, Hachi deserves a true record of his whole life. In essence, this book has everything that people ever wanted to know about the most famous dog in Japan.

This 2017 edition is a complete update and comprehensive revision of “Hachi: The Truth of the Life and Legend of the Most Famous Dog in Japan” (2013), and is published in commemoration of the ninety-fourth anniversary of Hachi’s birthday. This book has incorporated new discoveries and developments concerning Hachi since 2013, and presents all aspects of the real life of Hachi, as well as of the people who helped him.
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