Reminiscence of Shibuya by Yumi Hosono


Based on the first-hand accounts of Hachiko as told by the author’s mother who saw Hachiko from 1929 until 1935 when he passed away.

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From the author: Everything in this story is based on facts told to me by my mother, Yukiko. I used my imagination to create some of the scenes. However, the characters, places, and events are all real. My mother Yukiko lived near Shibuya. My mother and her sisters took a red streetcar to school from 1930. When they got off at a plaza in front of Shibuya sta-tion, they saw Hachiko waiting for professor Ueno by the ticket gate every day. Sometimes they patted him. He showed affection to those who loved him. His fur was thick and coarse. His curled white fluffy tail looked beautiful on his light brown back. He had very gentle eyes. My mother saw Hachiko there from 1929 until 1935 when he passed away.
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