Say Yes to the Hachi Holiday Spirit!

Woman hugging dog snowy night

In Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” the devoted Akita and his beloved professor are bonded for eternity. In true life, they only had a year and a half together. In one instant, life as they knew it dissolved.

Every moment spent with our furry friends is precious. The time with our dogs is just part of our lives but ALL of theirs.

Have you seen the Netflix hit “Yes Day” with Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez?

Family in "Yes Day" film jumping having fun

If you have, please bear with me for juuuust a moment. The short version is that a once adventurous couple become parents and lose that daring spunk. When mom realizes how strict the kids see them, the parents strike a deal. A streak of good behavior can earn them a “Yes” day: a 24 hour period where mom and dad will say yes to *almost* anything.

You can imagine the general chaos that follows. If nothing else, just watch the trailer when they roll through the car wash WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN.

The idea of a “Yes” day may seem wild at first, but there’s something to the idea of grabbing the chance to enjoy every moment.

Make the short span of time together with our canine friends as special as possible!

With that in mind, it’s time to start planning your very own very merry “Yes” day and treat your canine companion. Here are some fun ideas to help you get started:

Say Yes to Treats

Woman gives dog treat under the table

Make plans with your dog’s favorite four-legged and two-legged creatures. Get together with their preferred wrestling buddy or go meet their favorite human for a walk together. You might even plan a Christmas movie night with your friend who never runs out of belly rubs for your furry friend.

Say Yes to New Adventures

Dog with scarf sitting by sea on Italian coast

Variety is the spice of life, and your dog’s nose agrees ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. A new place to explore means new scents, and what could be more special than that?! Plan a hike or walk somewhere you two have never been before and treat their nose to a smorgasbord of smells.

Say Yes to Favorites

Cute dog with Christmas stocking

Think about what your best boy or girl loves the most. A sunny spot? Put a soft blanket down to make it extra cozy. Playing ball? Plan for 10 minutes of ball-play every hour for the happiest, most exhausted dog you could imagine. Make it a point to not only give them their favorite things, but add as many enhancements as possible!

Of course, remember to stuff your pup’s stocking FULL of their preferred treats, toys, and bones this Christmas.

Say Yes to Being in the Moment

Dog and owner playing game with cups

Commit to a day of staying off electronics and focusing on being present with your dog. Enjoy the time together without the distraction of texts or social media. Although… no one would blame you for snagging a cute photo. Or ten.

Even for humans, life is too short. Say yes to life, to new adventures, to mixing up the sameness of daily life, to living life big. Hachi and Professor Parker knew the secret to a warm relationship – enjoy lots of play time! Fun time is bonding time. It’s the joyful memories that really matter at the end.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas full of warmth, wonder & magic…and always remember to say YES!

Comment and share what special events you would include in an unforgettable “Yes” day for your dog!


Hands Up if you can relate to:

~ Feeling stuck & frustrated with the daily “sameness” of your life.
~ Struggling to get clear on priorities and your authentic self.
~ Filled with regrets over “the road not taken”.

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