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Hachi – One of the most heart warming tale showcasing the relationship of unconditional love between a human and his furry companion. The moments between Parker & Hachiko touch every chord of your heart and wishes it never ends. The Bedridge Station images, Downtown don’t leave your memory. Hats off to the producer and director for such cinematic excellence. Take a bow. A human should learn the concept of Loyalty & Devotion from a Dog. No wonder God and Dog have the same letters.

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Hachi – One of the most heart warming tale showcasing the relationship of unconditional love between a human and his furry companion. The moments between Parker & Hachiko touch every chord of your heart and wishes it never ends. The Bedridge Station images, Downtown don’t leave your memory. Hats off to the producer and director for such cinematic excellence. Take a bow. A human should learn the concept of Loyalty & Devotion from a Dog. No wonder God and Dog have the same letters.

First time I heard about Hachi

First time I went to Japan in 2008 I came to Shibuya station to explore the area. I have always loved dogs and when I saw a statue of a dog just outside the station I walked over there to take a look. The story of Hachi was written next to the statue. When I read it my heart broke and I cried so much. I could not stop crying. When I got back to Sweden I found the Japanese Hachi film from 1987. Then the Richard Gere film came and I cried and cried. I cant imagine how sad Hachi was during all these years he was waiting. Its so heart breaking. It really shows how devoted dogs are and how much love they have.

I came back to Japan in 2012, 2013 and 2015 and attended the memorial on April 8 in Shibuya. Such a beautiful memorial that have been going on for 88 years. There are always Akita dogs at the ceremony aswell.
I have been to Hachi and the professors grave in Aoyama and I went to the university where the professor used to work and saw the beautiful statue they have there of Hachi and the professor.

In November last year I went to Shibuya for the 100 th Anniversary for Hachi. Hachi will live on in everyones hearts forever. We will never forget him.


I couldn’t imagine how much sorrow,patience,coldness,loneliness,painfulness and other inexplicable Hachiko was during his 9years,9months and 15days of waiting for his master.I feel very,very,deeply for him and wish that at his last breath on 8 March 1935,his master picked up him to the heaven.

For the love of dogs

since i was a young boy i always had a dog in our house because the love of my father for them (all breeds, but specially for Boxer dogs) since 1978 and now with my 53 years old (now with a Boxer and a Pug) the love for dogs Is always with me thanks to my father, and Hachiko is a film that ALWAYS, makes me cry…a lot….!!!!

the 100th anniversary of Hachiko’s birth

November 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Hachiko’s birth.

Birthday events were held in Shibuya and in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, where Hachikō was born.

A commemorative website for the birthday was launched.

I didn’t know the real story.

The story of Hachiko is very well-known in Japan as common knowledge.

If you know some Japanese people and ask them about Hachiko, their answer will definitely be ‘Yes!’

However, most Japanese people do not know much about the heartwarming love between Hachiko and his owner.

your faithful heart

I heard your story as a young girl and have been fascinated ever since. Your story touched my heart so much. The Akita has been my favorite breed ever since.
Every time I watch the film Hachi – a Dog’s Tale, tears fall..
forever loved and never forgotten. Hachiko <3

Where to begin?

I saw the Hachi movie for the first time this year. I didn’t even know the story. I’ve been emotionally moved ever since. I have two dogs of my own, Augie and Obi. I see them a little differently now. The love and dedication of a dog can go far deeper than we realize. I appreciate them more. Last week, I celebrated Hachiko’s 100th birthday. His story and legacy will live on in my heart.

Let your dog be the teacher

I had a great relationship with my first dog, Jasper. He was fearfull and lonely when I adopted him. Throught patience and love I gained his trust. He tought me his langage and we had many happy and playfull years together. He past away 3 years ago and I was devasteted. I adopted Porto but didn’t had the same relation with him than with Jasper. Porto is so different. Porto seemed independant and trustless. Once I decided to love him inconditionally like he was. It changed everything. We have a great trusting relationship since. Hachi touched me deeply has I recognized the same trust and friendship I have with Porto and had with Jasper. Dogs are gifts in our lives and we must take care of them, respect them, cherish them… They love us in their own special way every day of their life. Thank you for sharing this truly beautifull story.

Hachi is so loyal

Hachiko was such a good book in school. It taught me to always be loyal and never backstab. It also taught me to never forget anyone you loved. I love this story and I legit cried. It truly is a touching story and is a good story/movie to share with your friends and family.

A Dog’s Love

I too sobbed at the end of this movie and my heart ached for days! But even more than highlighting our love for our dogs, this poignant movie shows how much our dogs love us! Whenever I leave my house I tell our dogs “I’ll be back” but, especially since this movie, I can’t bear to imagine how they would feel if, for some tragic reason, I could not fulfill my promise.

Incidentally, there was a story on our local news about a dog that followed its owner to the hospital and sat outside the entrance for days until his owner was discharged. And, when they showed the dog I was surprised to see it was also an Akita!

Hachi’s story

When I first saw the movie it brought tears to my eyes how much we actually love our pet dogs and what they mean to us as for me my dog Zues he is more than a pet to me he is my best friend


Dogs are special they give sincere loving to their owners. If you never had the opportunity in your life of dog ownership, you will never realize the bond between you two.

Hachi,; I watched twice ( today the 2nd time) and it’s amazing how he returned to the train station for 9 years.

What a dog, what a great story and True!

hachi story is so sad

hachi story is so sad and the story if hachi is so very good l love hachi l the movies is l give same kind love , love is very and adout love🥺🐾🐾❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 and loyal ❤️ always will be my favorite movies hachi a dog tale

Animals are more then just Pets

I am furry baby mom , I put hachi on when I first got my pup I cry for couple times , dogs to me are really best most loyal animals . The story line of hachi is so true when I see any dog I give same kind love , love is very special between animals and humans hachi teaches us about love and loyalty 🐾🐾 always will be my favorite movie

Never losing sight of what you hold dearest to you

Hachi has taught me to never lose sight of I hold dearest to me. The never ending wait for Professor Ueno at the station for the whole of his life despite the bullying and the mistreatment by the passer-bys.

Hachiko- True spirit

I have recently started loving the street Dogs and felt comfortable with them. But after watching Hachi – Like i cried and cried and keep in same zone of movie where hachi left us.
He waited for 9 years to just see once his masters, where it showed pure love with unconditional; dedication to turn n wait at same place daily. No matter whats the day…
Hope family member had took hachi along with them to Parker Wilson grave yard where he could have not spent 9 years. True love by Hachi.

You are so loved years after your death.My wish is to go see your statue, burial place and your body at the museum in Japan. I LOVE YOU ❤️ Hachi…Changed my views and i i really wish to get hachi unconditional same loves towards me….


I have seen this movie 3 times and after each viewing I say I’ll never see it again. But then I do. I recently bought the DVD. I have a Shiba Inu and she is the perfect pup for me.

The photo below is not of my dog. I didn’t want to send it but I couldn’t delete it. Frustrating!!

Absolutely moving

The movie really moved me in a profound way. It was gripping and incredibly well done. Days later I’m still thinking about it and reading more about the movie‘s inspiration. I had never seen it before so glad I came across it this many years later. I had never even heard of the real Hachi either, so to learn more about the beloved Akita really struck my heart. The love and loyalty of Hachi to the professor to have continued the routine for nearly a decade is deeply stunning and beyond remarkable.


Love the story especially the love between the actor Richard Gere and Hachi.


i bought a yearly dogster magazines, and the first one i got had hachi in it. so i got the movie and i watched it with my grandma and i knew it touched her heart.

A must watch

This movie was totally moving, and cemented my love for animals, and especially dogs. I lost a dog last year at 15 years old, and it was devastating. I’ve since adopted a new friend, but that love will always love on. Here’s a snapshot of my new pup!


I was so moved by this film that my heart had to recover for days. Loyalty is hard to find in this world we live in.
The story was of loyalty to the professor,then his memory, and then all the people at the station were loyal to Hachi. He added something good to all their less than easy lives. He gave then joy .
I have suffered many losses of great people in my life. Hachi gave me a moment to feel all the grief at a deeper level . The dogs very so beautiful and I love dogs so much.

The Spirit of Hachi

The story of Hachi has truly touched me… it reminds me just how special dogs are. I see the spirit of Hachi in my dog – he really saved my life. Dogs are really man’s best friend! It’s amazing how Hachi’s story lives on throughout generations! May he never be forgotten.


I’ve watched this movie twice and cried so much both times. Hachi touched me by his unconditional devotion to his master even after his death. Could have been in a warm home, but chose to stay at the train station thinking his master coming home to him. Hachi is now reunited with his master in heaven. That vision at the end of the movie by Hachi seeing the spirit of his master coming to get him for eternity to be with the almighty God.RIP Hachiko with your loving master.You are so loved years after your death.My wish is to go see your statue, burial place and your body at the museum in Japan. I LOVE YOU ❤️ Hachi. Diane Lord

Hachi reminds me why I love my dog so much even after his passing.

My dog died 3 years ago but I miss him everyday.

Hachi the Beautiful Soul

Hachi, you beauitiful soul!

Beautiful Hachi

The story deeply touch my soul.

Beautiful soul Hachi

What hurts at most is that beautiful soul Hachi waited all his life and that he died alone. There was no one there to hold his head and hug him.


The story of Hachi has had a great impact on my life. Everything about it is deeply emotional to me. I have an Akita dog myself and after recently rewatching the film, I understood how important that bond is.

One of my favorites movies, specially for Forrest!

I love Forrest from the first time. I’ll never forget him.

Reaction to the movie: Hachi, a Dog’s Tale

I first became aware of the story of this remarkable dog after reading about a remarkable woman named Helen Keller. Even though she was both deaf and blind, she travelled the world giving lectures and inspiring others. She visited Japan after hearing about the incredible story of this loyal dog. The Japanese government gave her an Akita puppy to take back to America with her as a gift, followed by a second one, after the first one was struck down with an illness. I recently watched the 2009 film, and like everyone else was heartbroken, and couldn’t stop crying!! The film left you with the idea that Hachi lived like a stray dog out on the street until his death, but this isn’t true. I have read some of the research carried out by Mayumi Itoh, which states that Hachi was looked after by the family’s gardener, who fed him in the morning and in the evening. I felt comforted by this, as to have just left him at the mercy of the elements would have been so cruel. I have heard people say that animals do not have a soul. Well, I disagree, and Hachi was living proof that I’m right!!

Trails, streams, walking with my dog Marcelle for hours

I have a burden I am having trouble coping with.
So I just started taking my dog Marcelle for walks by streams, lakes. For hours.
And he doesn’t want to get into the car after hours! Wants more


The story broke my heart and has left me concerned that nothing bad should ever happen to my beloved dog if I should die first. I have made arrangements! in my will! My dog is my heart as all of my pet companions have been. A true gift from God

Love Hachi

I love both Hachiko movies. It’s such an exciting story and it’s a life lesson. Let’s love animals more just as they love us. I also have a dog and 2 cats and I care about them a lot.

Rocky – my Hachi

My wife and I have been rescuing dogs for the past 28 years we have had many Hachi’s having had close to 200 dogs pass through our lives, but Rocky was one in a million. He was kind to all people and animals and we had a connection like no other. I’m getting teary just writing about him and he has been gone almost 10 years. I have countless stories of his Hachiness 😊 but one always comes to kind. I was on my boat spending the night at the lake with friends and Rock, I drank a little too much and some people were going for a night swim. When I got up to go, Rocky blocked me, I told him to lay down and tried to go around him, he got pushy and would NOT let me pass, with his eyes he pleaded with me to not go. I didn’t,I sat down and hugged him instead. Sorry I’m crying now. Here is one of many pics.

God’s Dog

Yes, Hachi would be God’s dog, full of love, never angry, compassionate, devoted and loving. He waited and waited and finally he surrendered his spirit and saw Dr. Ueno’s smiling face as Hachi entered Heaven. He brought two warring countries together and still today he is honored around the world. He was given to us to show the goodness of what we will experience in Heaven. Hachiko forever.

Van bought in India in honor of Hachiko GO TO HELP ANIMALS INDIA request to see and Help Animal India in Hachiko honor.

We helped buy a van in India in Honor of Hachiko to help Indias animals named it Hachiko. go to HELP ANIMAL INDIA REQUEST TO SEE.




Beautiful story

By Sheer Luck

I saw the movie starring Richard Gere and cried for Hachi and the real story. I became a parent to my uncles’ dog when he died. I was the only “sitter” Buttons Wilbur ever had. He wasn’t an Akita, but he was a loving soul who was “my boy.” When my uncle died, I pretty much brought him home without asking my cousins and I had Buttons Wilbur until he became very ill and he was suffering. I held him as he breathed his last. I was especially close to my uncle….in the early months after his death, I rarely left home, except at night, to walk with BW. He and I helped each other through a period of tremendous loss. To this day, I miss my little guy. Thank you for Hachi’s Wall.

Yujiro who brought the spirit of Hachi

My grandad was a man who used to love animals. Strays, abandoned, all kinds of animals he would show them love and kindness.

My grandad died 2 years ago. 1 year later Yujiro was born and came via my brother. He belongs to my brother but jn many ways he has rough with him that unconditional love to us, strays who were missing the same pure kindness Yujiro the akita brings. In many ways the love has the same vibration my grandad had towards other critters. Maybe some of his spirit came back through the kind eyes of this pup.

My Sweet Tater Bug

I recently had to say goodbye to my furry angel.Tater Bug was the most devoted dog.Every step I took,he did too, until he got to sick and tired to follow. My heart is broken.I still cry daily.If you spell dog backwards…IT spells GOD! The closest unconditional love found on earth.15 years was not long enough,but 1500 wouldn’t be either.Enjoy every minute you have with your doggie!!!

Hachi Was Really The Teacher!

I first watched Hachi years ago, never knowing his story. It touched me so deeply, I couldn’t stop crying. I have not watched it again until today and here I sit sobbing again. This beautiful soul taught the world what true, unconditional love is all about and defines the word “devotion”. So few humans deserve dogs but obviously, Hachi’s human was worthy. Thank you Hachiko! Your lesson lives on, 90 years later!

Hachi Love

Hachi, heaven created you to show us what real devotion and loyalty could do. More than ever, you continue to shine in our hearts from your wonderful place over the Rainbow Bridge.

We appreciate the people who made Hachi film possible. We have seen it so many times, and EVERY time we watch it, you always make us cry.


Сегодня День Памяти Хати. Светлая Память Тебе Хати мягких облачков тебе и нежных Лепестков Сакуры.

A Very Sweet and Sad Story

This movie made me realize that humans are so meaningful to dogs.I love this movie so much and the ending was so sweet, hug your doggos and tell them that you love them!

Yoshi my Shiba

I was moved deeply by the timeless unconditional love hachi had for his familiar, i realize more than ever my Shiba Yoshi loves our family in a Shiba if not Hachi way!! This movie is Beautiful….coming from a U.S. Army Tanker, and former Drill Instructor who cried like a civilian

Gilbert saw the movie “Hachi” in Southeastern Alaska and was moved.

I never had a dog as a pet until I rescued a Chiweeni named Bentley in winter of 2014, he was Hypothermic and had no energy to stand. I gave him a warm bath, fed and gave him water. He started showing up on my porch and progressed to spending the night. Finally; the owners let me have him as he adopted me. I took him to the Vet an got him updated on Immunizations, Keeping him clean and fed was never a chore since he was such a cute; smart and playful Companion. Then; My bro Eugene died August 2016, Bentley was poisoned a month later. I realized losing a pet could hurt as much as losing a brother. When I was burying him; 2 gals saw me grief stricken and gave me a hug, I told them “agree that God would bring me another Bentley.” My older sister asked Kenny who had gotten Bentley to check if there was more pups, Kenny called me the next morning at 7am,” Gil, Bentleys parents had pups, there’s one that looks just like Bentley, they’re going to save him for you.” When he was weaned I went to get him, The lady sat in a rocking chair, Mother of Bentley sat in front of her and the 9 week old pup was in front, he ran to me and began to lick my face, I had happy emotions, and promised his mom I’d take good care of him. The lady told me the day he was born which was the day my brother passed away, that wasn’t coincidence, for me it meant Bentley was with Eugene and God had restored what was taken from me. Kenny told me to keep his name Bentley, I consider him a gift from God and answered Prayer. The original owners; sister, family & Community adore Bentley. I raised him and love him very much. When I saw Hatchi it brought tears to my eyes, I could relate to hatchis loss. I was glad to learn a statue was made of Hatchi reunited with his owner at the university.

Healthy dog.

Touching movie. Own a Leavitt Bulldog. A breed perfected from the English Bulldog, but she can walk, bark with expression, eat normallly, sleep without snooring.


Cómo me hubiera gustado conocer a Hachiko y poder ayudarle a súperar la pérdida de su Amado dueño y darle todo mi Amor , mí cariño y toda mi atención 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🐕🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


I had my dog lying beside me while I watched Hachi. I cried so hard my Teddy crawled into my lap and licked my tears. My big fear is dying before my dog. She wouldn’t handle it well even though my family would take her.

my dogs and cats

I fell in love with Hachi, never had an akita dog, what an amazing animal.
I have had many dogs and cats which I loved everyone of them. I know
when I reach heaven, they will be there. I have asked God if Hachi will
be there also. I watch him every night before bedtime. I wish I could meet Chico and Layla, only I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye, how did
Richard Gere say goodbye. You all did a magnificent movie. It deserved
more exposure than what it got.

Neuroscience Research on Mammals

Recent research findings showed that all mammals (including human mammals) have the same number of neural connections, exploding the myth that humans have brains that are superior to other mammals. Members of the Hachiko community already know this intuitively, but now there is scientific evidence to back it up. Yet the legal system continues to view non-human mammals as inferior and provide little protection against the horrible abuse being perpetrating against some of them by some (psychopathic) humans, as evidenced by the beatings and bullying the real Hachiko endured as he waited. This raises the question whether the human mammalian brain is not equal, but actually inferior, to other mammalian brains.

Majestic Hachiko

Dear Hachi
You sacrificed every thing for the sake of your master
survived bullying and hatred . Physical emitional and mental strain and stress you suffered for a decade is …..heart breaking
Love you Hachi

Such a beautiful dog

My beautiful rough collie reminds me of you Hachiko. He follows me everywhere, he never leaves my side. And I love him so very much. You had a tragic life but at least you found happiness in heaven.

A dogs devotion

I love this story about the love and devotion of dogs.
The movie staring Richard Gere was excellent.
Makes me cry every time I watch it.
I love Hachi

Thank you

Thank you so much for inviting me into the group, I really truly do appreciate it!!!

More than just a dog

A year ago Valentine’s night I had to say good-bye to the best pup ever! Tyla was a rescue and I adopted her when she was 5 months old. She was scared of everything, but learned to trust and love everyone she met. Tyla was more than a pup, she was the little girl I never had. There was no extra time to spend with her that night when I took her to the vet. I wasn’t prepared and dreaded this day would come. I told her I would never leave her and I haven’t. I have her ashes and some in a necklace I wear every day. I love her more than life and can’t wait until the day we are together once again <3

Hachi’s Legacy

Hachi is pure love, devotion and loyalty. The world needs more of this.

my own dog BORIS

he died 5 weeks ago at age 10.

BORIS IS DEAD. he died on november 29, 2019, 2 months ago, of osteosarcoma. now i am entirely alone. really alone. 2 days ago for the first time in 10 years, i came home to the empty house. i’ll never make it. i keep thinking i hear him coming in the back door and jumping on the bed.

he was my son, my father, my husband, my only friend. he gave me unconditional love. we did everything together, played and ate and slept together. every day. i am devastated absolutely destroyed. i’m only lying in the bed and crying.

he was responsible for any happiness and joy i had in the last 10 years. he looked after me. looked out for me. there was no one else. he was registered as my service dog and came with me on all my disabled rides, taking up 2 seats in the taxi. he even came into the physiotherapy pool with me, sitting on his towel on the deck.

every morning after waking me, we would howl (sing) together for 2 minutes.

pic 2 was taken 2 minutes before the vet gave him the fatal shot. i had to do it he was in agony. i was weeping the whole time.

Unconditional Love & Loyalty

Hachi will always remain in my heart.

Such loyalty and unconditional love will never again be seen by anyone.

Long live his memory.

I want everyone to know Professor Ueno and Hachi-kou

On March 8, 2015, Ueno and Hachiko were erected on the University of Tokyo Yayoi Campus.
From that year, I and my colleagues started activities to get everyone to know Professor Ueno and Hachi-kou.

On the 8th of every month, we sell promotional activities and souvenirs of Professor Ueno and Hachi-kou at the Agricultural Science Museum, and donate part of the proceeds.
Many people have seen pictures of the dogs they visited on Twitter. We will continue to inform you on Facebook in the future.

I’m not good at English, so I can rely on Google Translate. Please forgive me if the translation is wrong.

The photo is Akita Inu who came to play on November 8th. His name is “Hakuo”, a 9 year old male.

Thank you.


Tonight I was forced to watch something at a very low volume so I settled on this film. It’s probably my third or fourth time watching it and I am familiar with the backstory, havjng visited Tokyo and Shibuya station myself. Ten years after its original release, I am still so moved by this film. I have a small Hachi mutt myself, only she found me, or vice versa, at a fast food restaurant. Glad to find this site and to watch this film again, even with tears in my eyes.

Hachi’s Life & Story…

I just watched this amazing movie! Upon the ending & reading the story about Hachiko & Professor Ueno, I started to find anything about Hachiko & his life… I am so glad to have found your page & look forward to reading my emails of inspiration! Thank you! (ps) I am a volunteer with Alaskan Malamute Rescue & have adopted one that was “unique” & needed a place to call home…

Hachi Love

Dear Vicki and friends, I have yet to watch this movie from start to finish. Although I tuned in several times I as of yet cannot watch it completely in one sitting. I feel my heartbreaking and need to switch channels only to be drawn back like a moth to flame. I am on a quest to solve what I call my Hachi mystery. Yes, I adopted several rescue dogs in my life. They have all been wonderful including the 2 I have now. One was terribly abused and he has that Hachi “look” whenever my husband leaves the house. Thank you for this opportunity to share our thoughts. I look forward to your emails and will continue my journey to fully grasp and understand why this story is so moving…..the Hachi mystery.

Beautiful Story

I first saw Hachi: a Dog’s Tale about a year ago. I still think about it today. I was very moved and touched. It’s a beautiful story that all should see.

I love HACHI!

I have been touched since I watched the movie.
I keep thinking of Hachi and the movie.

Thanks a lot!

Love and Powerful story

This movie has brought me a lot of positive energy, I love it very much. In fact, I have depression, but after watching this movie and understand the story of Hachi, it has changed my life to become better. I am no longer depressed every day but actively and bravely face life. Even if it was a sad movie, it made me cry for a long time. Thanks to this movie, dear Hachi and three cute Akita dogs. Be Hachi. Be Happy.❤️

Trust, Love, and Loyalty: Hachiko

My life has always been intertwined with dogs, for good reason. They are the best friends you can ever have.
The movie :Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Hachiko’s loyalty has made me aware of how deep and lasting their love can be toward us.
We need to always return that trust and loyalty to them.
Hachi’ would like that.
Bruce Burnette

My favourite movie

Hachiko is my favourite movie because i love the loyalty of the dog and the akita dog breed.I have watched this over 15 time and i always cry!I have to say to Hachi that he lives in our hearts and we all love him.I hope to visit his statue one day.Also,Leyla,Chiko and Forrest are all great!

Hi note

This story touched my heart and love this move.

animals have feelings, too.

I cried through the entire movie the first time I saw it. Still cry every time I see it. Hachi, you taught us how to love completely, and that true love lasts a lifetime.

Hachi story

I always wanted akitas for 10
Years. Then when I seen the movie, it made me want them even more. Now I have several. The breed is remarkably loyal, smart, silly and so lovable. Hachi will always have a place in everyone’s heart. And the actors of Hachi were amazing. Dogs and people. Hachi lives on 🐾🐾

Love from dog

How much a dog could love you and will miss you when you are no longer on this earth😭❤️🐾🐾 Hachi

Dear Hachi,

You probably won’t remember that rainy day in May, more than thirty years ago, when we met. After all, I am just one of the thousands who pause every year with tear-filled eyes to admire your beautiful statue.
I fell in love with you and your story then and there, dear Hachi, and not a day goes by that I don’t remember you.
Soon I shall return to Shibuya and pause in wonder by your statue once more, I promise. In the meantime, my loyal and true friend, rest in peace beside your beloved master.


Loyal Pets Come in Many Forms

Hachi is my favorite pet movie. But it’s not just dogs that are loyal. My wife tells me that our cat, Sushi, waits for me every day by the door for at least an hour before I arrive. As soon as I open the door he purrs and rubs and gives kisses. He has licked away my tears when I was sad. And this “puppy cat” travels with us everywhere.

Hachi & Me

From the first moment I saw Hachiko’s statue, the tender story of the loyal dog of Shibuya and the professor had a profound effect on me. I was hooked! Back home, I adopted my own “Hachi”, and was constantly in awe of his strong yet gentle spirit – and the lessons I learned from my “dog”. This website was created to spread the powerful tale of friendship, faith and everlasting love – from one dog who made a difference. XOXO Vicki

Akita’s Love

My husband and I, we both love Hachi and the history and the story of Hachi, Ever since we both seen the movie, we have always wanted an akita of our very own. So last summer after doing a lot of research about the akita breed, we were giving a pup as a gift, a female akita that we named Kanji (the name means polar bear in Chinese).

Kanji, she will be two years old next year and we are so in love with the breed and the loyalness of the breed.

Poh’s Coast to Coast Trip

When Poh, a 15 year old dog from New York City was given a terminal prognosis at the vet, his owner knew there was only one thing to do: take a cross country bucket list road trip with his faithful sidekick. From the Seattle Space Needle to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the wide eyed duo saw it all. “People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me.”

So touching and real! This is not just a kids’ movie.

I just saw this movie today, and I’m so glad I did.

It is based on a true story and it’s only natural that the movie is great because the real story itself is very touching. One of the things that sets this movie apart from the other movies that involve animals is how they stuck to reality instead of throwing in some a-little-hard-to-believe elements here and there just to make it more entertaining.

Sometimes they show things through Hachi’s eyes as opposed to human eyes, which helps you relate to him and understand how he felt and what he thought then, as well as emphasizes that Hachi is the main character of the movie.

This is not just a kids’ movie. In the end everyone including myself was crying because we were so moved. It is a must-see.

Unprecedented loyalty in a story of age-old friendship

Knowing the real-life story behind it, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale has been made in a sort of staged documentary style. For those who can keep alive their interest even in a simple story, who won’t shy away from emotional involvement (as if this can be controlled), they’ll easily find themselves consumed by its mere beauty and warmth. Usual man’s-best-friend story, spiced with an intriguing yet inspiring detail, shall leave you a bit sad, inevitably pensive, but ultimately delighted. Even more so after the reading of the real-life epilogue.

A Richard Gere classic and performance of a lifetime

Unbelievable… this movie will be seen for years and lifetimes to come. This is a movie you will never forget from your mind and heart. You will remember this story forever it is a classic forever and a true story to boot. Wow.

A Powerful Tale

I would rate this as probably the best dog movie ever to come out of Hollywood. If you’ve made it so far as to read reviews, you really should just buy it. I can’t imagine any dog lover being disappointed in this magnificent film.

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